Our Patrons

"I want to give my sincere wishes to RCEG for the outstanding work they are doing for the needs of the society"

"Music is a gift given by god. Sangarsh is a gift given by these young minds to those who need it"

"More than the govt. running the country, it's the people who run the country and you are setting an example even while you are in college"

"I'm so happy to be or sail with Sangarsh. The students have been helping very needy and deserving communities of the society every year"

"I wish this young students all the best for their endeavors. I'm so proud of supporting them"

"Let us all support Sangarsh and the students of RCEG"

"Sangarsh, one of those few events I admire and their work for the past 10 years is tremendous. Hope they continue their service"

"I support the initiative taken by the students of RCEG to help the needy section of the society and urge you all to do the same"

"I'm really happy to be a part and patron of Sangarsh, a concert for a cause conducted by RCEG"